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Unique Upgrade Trends for Barn Garages in New York

modular barns new yorkBarn garages in New York have been around for decades. They were the most cost-efficient choice when a homeowner wanted to construct a garage, but not encounter the costs of traditional construction. With a barn garage, the owner adds one or more parking spaces, a convenient place to store their items that are not in use for the season, and still adds aesthetic appeal to the property overall.

When an owner wants to increase the functionality and property value of their barn garages New York, there are a few upgrades they can add to theirs and these upgrades are trending with DIY enthusiasts.

Adding Metal Exterior Barn End Doors

barns new yorkPurchasing and adding new metal barn end doors is a growing trend. However, an owner must be cautious when doing so. They need to look for metal doors constructed from pre-galvanized steel and with a powder coating as well as a rust-resistant primer to ensure that the doors do not rust over time.

For larger barn openings, aluminum doors are more cost-effective and will not rust like steel doors. Also, they are lighter; therefore, they will be easier to access.

Adding Dutch Doors

modular barns new yorkAnother growing trend for upgrades on garages is the addition of Dutch doors. Before adding these, a homeowner must first look for steel doors that have fully-formed outer jams, like a regular door frame.

Adding Windows and Window Grills

Older barns may lack windows. For those that spend time in the barn garages in New York, adding windows can help with ventilation, but also add natural daylight. Glass-paned windows are an attractive addition for barn owners, but they need protective grills. 

Adding Aisle Flooring

The bottom of a barn’s floor is traditionally concrete -- which is the foundation. Some owners are adding flooring to their barn surface or even coating the surface so that they can park vehicles in there without staining the concrete. For example, an epoxy coating on the surface will protect from water, oil leaks, and tire marks if vehicles are stored in the garage.

For the crafting or hobby garage, some owners are adding wooden floors to make the space warmer and more comfortable -- especially during those colder New York winter months.

Adding Closet Organizing Systems

modular homes new yorkMost barns come with built-in storage, but the storage is not always as efficient as an owner may need it to be. That is why more homeowners are adding closet organizer systems into their barn garages. These organizers have components that allow for endless combinations of racks, hooks, and baskets to be attached to the garage’s walls.

Weekend Upgrades 

Most barn owners will tackle an upgrade or two every weekend until they have customized the space to suit their needs. However, the space must be suitable to handle updates. If the barn is severely outdated, an owner may be better suited replacing the barn structure and then adding to their new structure over time than trying to upgrade and repair an outdated one.