Garages New York

Flooring Options for Garages in New York

Garages New YorkA garage can be much more than a place to store vehicles or boxes. It can actually be a stylish addition to a property filled with attractive features that make it stand out in a crowd. For some people a garage is a place where they spend most of their free time, and for that reason it should be comfortable and pleasing to the eye too. The carpet or flooring can totally change the look and comfort of a home, and it can do the same for a garage as well. Of course, carpet isn’t exactly right for most garages, but there are plenty of viable flooring options available that offer durability and style all in one package to turn a garage into a home away from home.

Garages New YorkFloor coatings can liven up that flat gray concrete

Using floor coatings in a garage is like putting a coat of durable paint on so that it can look nice but also function. It’s important to choose one that is cost effective but still functional for the purpose of the garage. Latex, for example, is very affordable to obtain and apply without professional help, but it is liable to peel off of the floor over time. It is also easy to chip and scuff, and chemicals from vehicles or certain cleaners can destroy it. Epoxy is a more chemical resistant and durable option that can done without a professional, but it is more painstaking to apply and easier to mess up. However, if done with care if offers a variety of long-lasting, stylish finishes to make any garage floor pop.

Garages New YorkFloor tiles can provide a dramatic effect

Manufacturers make durable, garage-friendly floor tiles that are perfect for parking cars and giving the room more color. Modular tiles are created using a plastic material like PVC and they are very easy to install and maintain. They snap together and can be used to create patterns and designs, but they are a more expensive option than some other coverings. Fortunately, they can be removed and reused in other garages or spaces if so desired. It’s also possible to put stone or ceramic tile in, though keeping the grout clean could be a pain. The benefit of these tiles is the durability and very pleasing appearance, along with the ability to style the garage virtually any way imaginable.

Garages New YorkGarages New York can be put to many other purposes aside from parking cars, and that opens up many more flooring options as well. If the floor doesn’t need to be chemical resistant and car-parking friendly then it can be the same as what might be in a traditional house. This can be great for anyone using the garage as additional housing or office space. Even carpeting can be appropriate in a garage space in the right circumstances, and it can provide a very attractive effect too. It all boils down to the purpose of the garage.