Garages New York

Little Known Facts about Garage Additions

Constructing garages in New York can do a lot for a homeowner's property. Many owners who consider construction of a garage see it as simply a place to house a car or a boat. The truth of the matter is that a garage can be a lot more than a basic addition to a home. It can be used a multiple amount of ways, and each style adds value to the owner's property in one way or another.

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In recent times, many homes have seen the construction of garages New York as a necessity in order to be considered one of the trendier and desirable houses in the area. Additionally, garages provide an extra storage space if nothing else, something that many homes in the New York area are lacking.

Home Value

Garage construction can lead to the increase of the value of a home. A recent online survey showed that valuators tended to increase the price of a property with an additional garage as opposed to without one. Increases ranged between one and four percent on the original price.

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Potential buyers see an addition of a garage as a necessity if they own private vehicles. Having a secure place to keep a car or a truck is something that cannot be underestimated. In the case of a vehicle owner, it grants him or her peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is safely stowed in a room that they can lock themselves.

Keeping a Home Clean

A garage with an entrance into the home allows an owner to remove any muddy clothes or boots before entering the home. It also gives the owner a safe place to store these things until he or she can see about getting them cleaned up. In a lot of cases, having a garage as a go-between location serves to keep the most stubborn dirt and grime out of the home. A garage can help a home to remain cleaner than it would have without a space to keep dirty clothes and shoes temporarily.

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Vehicle Considerations

If a homeowner has a vehicle, a garage should be one of his or her first concerns as an addition. A garage is originally built to house a vehicle and, although it may do a lot of things for an owner, housing their vehicle remains the number one usage for this addition. The garage also serves as a place where the owner can conduct mechanical repairs of the vehicle without having to worry about the weather or disrupting traffic flow on the road in front of their home. All of these things make a garage one of the must-have additions for a homeowner with a vehicle.

Residential Garages

Constructing a garage as an addition to a home means the home gets the benefit of that extra storage space alongside the value increase that the garage is likely to give the overall property.

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A garage can also be used as a fashion statement; the door sending messages about the owner's favorite likes and dislikes and inviting those who have the same to come and meet them. A garage can be so much more than simply another room, especially in a residential area.