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Benefits Of An External Shed Over A Mud Room

garages new yorkA lot of homes come with an extension to the front or back of the building. While in some cases the extension is properly insulated, most of the time it is just an area for putting shows and hanging coats. It is for this reason that these extensions have come to be referred to as ‘mud room’ - literally, the place between the wet and dirty outside and the warm and cozy inside.

garages new yorkThe mudroom comes from the classical European style of farmhouse design. In the European design, the mudroom extended off the back of the house (connected to the kitchen) and was the entry and exit way for the farmers as they went about their day. A more recent mudroom design emerged in the 1930s and 40s, when homes were made with an extended entryway into the home. This extension is usually defined by glass walls and wood floors - although in some cases cement was used for the flooring instead.

garages new yorkThe ironic thing about mudrooms is that they are no longer used as merely a place for shoes and coats. Unlike garages new york that offer ample storage space, a lot of homeowners in big cities like New York have been storing boxes and various odds and ends in their mudrooms because either they have run out of basement storage space or they want to store things in the mudroom that are easily accessible. The question then becomes: is it better to use a mudroom for storage or an external shed?

Pros of an External Shed

1. garagesSpace Efficient - It’s a lot more space efficient to build an external shed for any storage needs. A shed can be designed to the exact specifications of what is required, no more no less. This malleability means that a shed can be designed to fit bikes and boxes in half the amount of space required in a mudroom.

2. Separates Rather Than Combines - The reality of a mudroom is that it will get so cluttered and messy that it will be hard to know where to begin. It will be obvious how messy the mudroom gets because it will be right there on the way out the door. This kind of storage method essentially clumps everyday life into the mess of a storage space and makes your entire life seem more complicated than it really is. With an external shed, organization is easier for the simple fact that there will be shelves and appropriate space for larger items.

3. Creates A Work Space - The nice thing about a finished basement is that hosting is easy and enjoyable. While the extra living space is nice overall, it does limit the amount of available space for a tool room. Building an external shed that is large enough to store items and house a little tool room area is the best of both worlds. It’s all about deciding to let the mudroom be a transient space and put all storage in an external shed that is large enough.