Garages New York

Barn Door Trends for Garages

garages new yorkWhen barns are converted into garages New York, they often keep their barn-style finishes for a unique storage space. The door is the introduction to the garage; therefore, a homeowner ordering a customized garage or updating an existing one will want to put serious consideration into their door.

Barn doors are highly sought after for garages in New York, especially when the garage seconds as a craft room, home office, or man cave.

Double-Duty Barn Doors

Double-duty barn doors are growing in popularity for garages in New York. When a homeowner decides that they want one half of their garage for storage and the other for workspace, they use the barn doors down the center to divide the two spaces. These add a decorative appeal to the garage, serve as a room divider, and keep areas feeling separate.

Using Barn Doors in Conversions

garages new yorkOld barns converted into living spaces are preserving the door. In fact, some still use former stalls to hold bedrooms and bathrooms behind the sliding barn doors.

Elegant Dividers for More Space and Efficiency

When creating an open-concept space, some garages are using a large barn door to create privacy without permanently closing off each end of the garage. For example, a craft room on one side, and a man cave on the other are separated without putting up walls. The barn doors can slide open to reveal the entire square footage of the garage, too.

Barn Doors for Closets

garages new yorkSome garages in New York are now adding cabinets for storage. Instead of open racks and archaic storage solutions, these barn doors are being used to tuck away garage supplies, lawn care equipment, and more. Usually, these barn door closets are flanked by drawers and smaller storage units on either side.

Creating a Farmhouse Entertainment Room

For smaller homes, converting the garage or barn into an entertainment room is ideal. The airy feel to the garage or barn invites guests and leaves ample room for large parties to gather and socialize. The barn doors can also open to invite guests into the space, and close to keep the garage warm.

Salvaged Doors

Those who want the barn-style look in their garage or home but do not have an actual barn to retrofit will look for old doors they can salvage. These barn doors are considered reclaimed wood, and some even hold a piece of history.

Other Trends in Garages

garages new yorkMore garages are serving a double purpose. While the homeowner wants a place to store their car during New York winters, they also want a space where they can escape their home, work, or just entertain.

More homeowners are purchasing their homes and adding barns or additional garages to the site for that purpose. It is more cost-effective to build a modular barn and convert it into an entertainment space than to add on to an existing structure. Also, a modular garage can be customized to the owner’s wishes, making it a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing features.