Garages New York

Strategies for Getting More Space Out of the Garage

barns new yorkThe word “garage” means more to homeowners today than it did years ago. In fact, garages new york are taking many forms other than a place to park vehicles. Today’s garage is multi-purpose and helps store additional items, park vehicles, and possibly serve as office space. To maximize the space in a garage, an owner must keep it organized and tidy. That means looking for places to store items properly the moment they come into possession and minimize hazards.

barns new yorkAdding Shelving When there is limited space for garages in New York or an owner wants to create more room on the floor, adding a few shelves is an optimal solution. The walls of a garage do more than hold up the roof; they serve as storage tools as well. Shelves help keep items off the floor of a garage, but also keep things easier to access. Dangerous items, such as sharp objects or chemicals, should be placed on shelves higher up where they cannot be bumped. However, the items must be secured on those shelves to ensure that they would not fall off and harm someone. Using Smart Box Storage Plastic storage bins are easier than cardboard boxes. They protect stored items against the elements and rodents, but also make it simpler to see the contents inside them. While there are plastic storage bins that are solid and not see through, clear bins make organizing and accessing storage easier for owners in their garages in New York.

barns new yorkPlastic storage bins are usually stackable, especially when the same type and brand are purchased. These can be stacked with labels on the outside for storing everything from clothing to paperwork to seasonal items. Utilizing Pegboards Another common fixture in garages is the use of pegboards. These are ideal in conjunction with a shelving strategy. They are available from any home improvement store and come in large sheets that can be cut to fit the space. Then a series of hooks and pegs are used to make the space ready for storage. Some owners take their pegboards and create sections, such as gardening tools in one area and woodworking tools in another.

barns new yorkThe heavier the items stored on the pegboard, the more important it is to anchor it properly. While they are sheets, they must still be anchored to the studs so that they can hold the weight and not tear down the walls once items are stored on them. Storing Chemicals Safely All garages have chemicals. From weed killers to cleaning products. Some of these items are flammable, while others are poisonous. It is important that these items are stored properly in a garage. They should always be stored in their original packaging for reference, kept out of the light, and away from the reach of children as well as animals. Purchasing a separate storage cabinet just for chemicals is best. Home improvement stores carry cabinets specifically designed for chemical storage.